Sustainability plan for previous project results

Jonathan Rosetti, ITL (IT) May 2014

The “Sustainability plan for previous project results“, identifies trends and perspectives in terms of methods and tools elaborated by European Leonardo projects, it selects and analyzes some specific results that are interesting for a further development of a common European VET environment for the logistics and transport sector. Existing gaps as possible synergies are considered and analyzed in order to define a Sustainability Plan of previous project results that includes indications on actions that should be implemented in order to achieve the expected goal of the project.

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Synthesis report of previous project results to be used and/or transferred in the METALOG project

Jonathan Rosetti, ITL (IT) February 2014


The relevant outcomes of previous projects will be collected with a view to development of the logistics qualifications framework and the assignment of profiles as well as the establishment of the logistics skills network. The projects and their outcomes will be put in context and potentially existing gaps will be identified. It will be discussed in how far these gaps will be closed in the course of the subsequent work packages and how good practice approaches and models can be promoted by the logistics skills network.

The report aim to collect and select the main and most important results/products of previous Leonardo projects in order to identify a common basis for the subsequent development of a logistics qualification framework and skills network.


Projects have to be analyzed in order to identify:

  • Approaches and methods for the definition of a sectorial qualification framework
  • Approaches and methods for the definition of a logistics qualification framework

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