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Logistics is one of the key sectors of growth and employment in Europe. Some 10 mio people are currently employed in the logistics sector. Many of those are career changers and originally worked in other sectors. The requirements of the labour market are changing due to

  • globalisation,
  • integration of actors and business processes,
  • standardisation
  • and the increasing role of logistics as a multisectoral function.

Nevertheless, European countries still lack transparent qualifications structures and offers to meet these requirements. It is, therefore, necessary to better determine and anticipate the sector-specific qualification requirements with a view to their integration into qualification offers.

The development of a sectoral qualifications framework, the Logistics Qualifications Framework (LQF) was intended to promote the use of the EQF / NQF by attaining a greater relevance of learning outcome descriptors through concrete reference to sector-specific work processes and functions.


The feedback received by the stakeholders on the LQF suggests that the goals of

a) creating a common basis for discussion at European level; and


b) substantiating EQF descriptors in a sector-specific and work process-oriented way for the purpose of greater applicability and usabilty of qualifications frameworks have been attained.


Project Duration: October 2013 - September 2015

Project Coordinator: DEKRA Akademie GmbH, DE


The project is funded by the European Commissions' Lifelong Learning programme/ Leonardo da Vinci/ ToI.

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